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Nonparametric Methods and Local-Time-Based Estimation for Dynamic Power Law Distributions [

Journal of Applied Econometrics, November/December 2017, 32(7), p. 1244-1260
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Bank Asset Concentration Not Necessarily a Cause for Worry (with
Christoffer Koch) [PDF]

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Economic Letter, June 2017, 12(7), p. 1-4

Pulling up the Tarnished Anchor: The End of Silver as a Unit of Account [
PDF] (with Kris Mitchener and Marc Weidenmier)

Journal of International Money and Finance, June 2017, 74, p. 209-228
VoxEu Column

Big Banks, Idiosyncratic Volatility, and Systemic Risk (with
Christoffer Koch) [PDF]

American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings, May 2017, 107(5), p. 603-607

The Distributional Effects of Progressive Capital Taxes [

Journal of Economic Policy Reform, 2017, 15(2), p. 99-112
Related Working Paper (Presentation Slides for working paper) (Econbrowser Summary for working paper)

A Model of Economic Mobility and the Distribution of Wealth [

Journal of Macroeconomics, December 2016, 50, p. 168-192
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Exchange Rate Manipulation and Constructive Ambiguity [

International Economic Review, November 2015, 56(4), p. 1323-1348
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Supplemental Materials

Instability and Concentration in the Distribution of Wealth [
PDF] (with Robert Fernholz)

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, July 2014, 44, p. 251-269
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Baseline Scenario Discussion

Terrorism and the Invisible Hook [
PDF] (with S. Brock Blomberg and John-Clark Levin)

Southern Economic Journal, April 2013, 79(4), p. 849-863




Why are Big Banks Getting Bigger? [
PDF] (with Christoffer Koch)

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Working Paper 1604, February 2016
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The Rank Effect for Commodities [
PDF] (with Christoffer Koch)

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Working Paper 1607, August 2016
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The Universality of Zipf’s Law for Random Growth Processes [
PDF] (with Robert Fernholz)
Related Working Paper




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